“Aqua On-ay”

    One of the funniest stunts Ron played on our kids was a few years ago at a restaurant called Da Agnese, a restaurant we went to last night.  It is a fabulous little taverna on Lake Albano near Rome, with the best porchetta in town.  To get to the bathroom, you have to exit the restaurant, walk along the sidewalk to the back of the restaurant, and then enter through a door marked “Toilette.”
     There is a sink, and the way to turn the water on is by stepping on a peddle under the sink.  Well, our kids tried to wash their hands, but could find no knobs.  They got their dad to go with them and help determine how to turn the water on.  He figured it out but did not tell them.  He discreetly put his foot on the peddle, then said, “It’s voice activated.  Watch this.”  And he said in fake Italian, “Aqua On-ay!”  He used the english word “On” and then added “-Ay” since half of all Italian words ends in that sound.
     Then, when he said the magic words, he pressed the peddle, and the water came on.  The kids shrieked, and then tried it themselves.  “Aqua On-ay,” they shouted to the sink.  But nothing happened.  He had them going for quite a while!
     Whenever we go to this happy little eatery, we laugh and cannot help but repeat the story.