A 2 year old’s Hail Mary

   As I drive my 2 year old around town with the other kids are in school, I often pray the Rosary aloud.  Recently, little Sebastian has started shouting, “My turn!”  So I’d let him give the Hail Mary a try.  But he would be silent.  So I’d pick back up.  But again, he would shout, “My turn!”  I was confused.
   Finally, I decided to stay silent while it was “his turn.”  I’d say it in my mind.  Sure enough, Sebastian would be silent until, in perfect timing as though he had said the whole thing out loud, he’d say, “Fruit. . .  .Womb, JESUS!”
    These are his three words!  He must say the rest of it in his mind, because he says these words just when an adult would say them.  
    So, Sebastian “says” the first half of the Hail Mary, and I say the second.  We pray whole decades this way, driving around town!