Upside Down Living

     As a mother, I feel like I am living a life upside down.  That does not just mean that I am keeping a crazy pace that is topsy-turvy!  What is also upside down are my priorities.
     I began my adult life wanting to promote myself.  I wanted an impressive career.  I wanted comfort and security.  I wanted to make a name for myself.
     But motherhood is the happy detour that I took, and it led me to a whole new place.
     I want what is best for my children. . . which is often in conflict with any self-promotion.  I have chosen huge portions of my day, week, month and year to be with them, which meant sacrificing the career I might have had.  I have chosen time with them instead of a full-time job, which means forfeiting financial security we might have had.
     I love my work as a philosophy instructor.  I love teaching.  I love the research project I am working on.  But what I love the most is that my family comes first.
    When I teach about philosophical views of happiness, isn’t it good that I actually became happy?  It took choosing family life as first priority to live it out.  Now I can teach it–even though I am just teaching part-time–and do so with more authority than if I had promoted my teaching career.  Isn’t that ironic and fascinating?