save the world

“Give up your small ambitions; come and save the world!”
                                     –St. Francis Xavier Cabrini

My favorite quote of late.
     Padre Pio, in my opinion, was saving the world.  In his poor, cold little monastery, he was saving the world with his prayers, his suffering, his tiny, earthy life.  Have you seen this pictures of him after he died?  Google them.  He is incorrupt.  His body is still totally intact, and he looks like he is sleeping.  He truly found his power: his impoverished life, totally insignificant in the world’s estimation, was making the world a better place.
     All of us have poverty.  All of us have earthy littleness.  Overlooked, unimportant, too human.  But it is our power.
     Jacob is vomiting with the stomach flu.  This is going to be weeks of sickness, because there are 7 of us, and only one of us has it so far.
     God help me: let none of it go to waste!  The world needs the prayers!