My New Spiritual Goal

    Having just begun Advent, and thus a new liturgical year, I have made a spiritual resolution.  I am choosing to work on being steady.  My emotions can fluctuate a little too fast.  They can go a little too low and a little too high.  So, I resolve to pray for the grace to stay steady.  This steadiness will build on my goals the last 2 years: faith and joy respectively.  Steadiness builds on faith since faith assures us that God is in control.  Rather than steadiness being a delusion, it is holy and right, an adherence to Providence’s path for us, even through rough and unexpected twists and turns.  Steadiness also builds on joy, since joy comes even in the midst of trials.  In the past year I have come to see that God loves me so much more than I had ever realized, and I find joy in the ways He has powerfully intervened in my life, rescuing, saving and blessing me.  Since He is so obviously intentional and mindful of me, I feel joy in being cared for and loved.  I see this year’s goal as securing the fruit of these two years of hard interior work and making sure that, rather than it going to waste, my soul is strengthened to the fullest degree for the glory of God and the praise of His name.
    Last week, on the first Sunday of Advent, I was praying in Mass.  I had a different spiritual goal in mind.  But as I was kneeling I felt the Holy Spirit impress upon my spirit: “Steady.”  I thought, “Wow, this is a true prompting.  I would never have come up with this word.  I’ve never heard anyone laud steadiness as a Catholic or Christian virtue.”  Nevertheless, I felt it strongly then, as I do now.  So, hopefully led by my loving God, I choose this virtue as my spiritual goal of this liturgical year.