Motherhood: “I love to love”

   A great woman I recently met told me her story about a life crisis she had in which she had to choose between her career and her family.  Her husband took a job in another town, and so her family moved away from her job.  But she decided to commute, and keep her job in her previous home town.
    To her surprise, she discovered that this was a bad decision.  She missed being with her family more.  She realized, “As much as I love my job, I also love to love.”  She found that loving her family was even more fulfilling for her.  So, if she had to choose, which she did, she changed her mind, and quit that job.
    Out of the blue came another, even better job in her new hometown, one she could not have anticipated. She said that God is a miracle worker, letting her have her family and a great job.
     I love this story.  I find it exciting when women discover how rewarding it is to give themselves to family, in whatever capacity.  So many women are culturally pressured to think that prestigious jobs are more important than family.  I love it when women try out various ways of living, and discover, as though for the first time in history, that family is so rewarding.  “Loving to love”–that says it all.