Mary Mother of God

   The Feast of Mary Mother of God is one of my favorite days of the year.  To me, it is the true Mothers’ Day.  It is a day in which the universal church celebrates the mother of Christ, who is himself True God and True Man in one Person.  It is a day in which we celebrate the shocking mystery that a humble, uneducated, simple woman from Palestine could be the mother, not just of Jesus, but of God.  To deny it would be to deny the hypostatic union.
    Sitting in the pew with all my children on Jan. 1, the feast day, was a joy for me.  Walking into church, I told my six year old, “I love this celebration of Mary and of all mothers.  Mothers are so important–they are among the most important people in the world.  They are a primary source of the security, comfort and peacefulness of many people.  They are a major force of peace on earth.  Mothers are really important.”  My six kids were all listening.  They giggled and nodded: “It’s true!”