Its All About Love

     Trying to diminish levels of stress can be so hard.  I have become more aware of the stress I carry.
     In sitting before God in prayer, I have been seeking to unload it.  That has been hard and unsuccessful.
     The I realized, by the grace of God, that it is in brokenness and weakness that God manifests Himself to us.  So I just accepted all my stress, and stopped trying to get rid of it, and said, “God, here I am!  Your stressful daughter!”  And I felt His overwhelming love, and His powerful embrace.
    I think being in a relationship with God is not becoming “good enough,” but letting God love us, right where we are.  It is also having the “gumption” to love God, and really lavish Jesus with our affection, even though we are so pitiful and flawed.  Sometimes its hard to imagine that He wants my love, but in fact, He does.  It takes courage to lavish God with my love!