In the Eve of Life

     Ron has been asked to write a chapter on Augustine’s Christology for a major book soon to come out on Augustine.  It is a very hard topic, with no definitive piece on it.  Ron has thus been invited to write that definitive piece, and has been working around the clock for weeks on it. 

     I have some writing projects that I would like to be working on, too.  I would like to make a contribution that might make a difference in someone’s life.  
     But for now, I am working on my magnum opus of the heart.  I am working on loving those around me well, with patience, kindness, and joy.  How will we be judged at the end of life?  “In the eve of life, we will be judged on love,” wrote St. John of the Cross.  I will be judged not on what I write on paper, but on what is written on my heart and the hearts of those who are my vocation.