Everybody Wants a Special Life

     Everybody wants a special life.  Everybody wants to do something significant, something important, something exciting.
    When she was alive, my grandmother used to recount that one day, when her children were raised and gone, she sat on her front porch steps and wondered, “Is this all?  What is my life for?”
     We all have those moments.  What makes our lives meaningful?  What is it that gives them that special purpose by which we are satisfied that we have made the most of our time on this earth?
    For me, that meaning comes through motherhood.
    It is not just the relationships themselves–although they are wonderful.  But one day, like my grandmother’s children, mine, too, will be gone.  My purpose in life is not about my children per se.
    It is that motherhood is a way to be like God.  It is in imitation of the divine.
    Motherhood is about giving our life for another–as Christ gave his life for us.
    Motherhood is about serving in humility, in poverty, and being low-profile, low-status, low recognition–just like Christ.
    Motherhood is about shedding blood for others–just like Christ.
    Motherhood is about nourishing others with our own bodies–just like Christ.
    Motherhood is about interceding for others in a powerful way–just like Christ.
    Motherhood is about dying to ourselves and becoming a gift to another–just like Christ.
    Motherhood is about new life–just like Christ.

   If we want to be really special, and want our lives to be extraordinary, we need not make six figures or make a public name for ourselves.  We need not impress strangers or have a flashy image.  If we want to have meaningful lives, we should shoot for the highest mark: the Blessed Trinity.  We should try to become like God in every way.  Then we will have lasting, eternal significance.
    How many ways there are to be like God!  Motherhood is the way God has given to so many of us to become like Him.