Dependence on God

    Teresa of Avila says in her Interior Castles (one of my favorite books of all time) that she has experienced 7 stages of the spiritual life, of progress toward union with God.
    I imagine that some would object, as though you could be more or less holy.  We all fall short (Rom. 8:28), right?
   But on the other hand, every new Christian just knows in her heart, I would think, that she has a long way to go, that she needs cultivation of new habits, mindsets, behaviors, etc.  And that is what Teresa says, only she lays out typical steps that she has taken, and as an Abbess of an order of nuns, of what she has commonly seen among younger Christians.
    So to the point: there are these 7 steps, that many people take, more or less.
    The fifth one is characterized by a new and total sense of dependence on God.  I am still working with the first step, and with the second, and the third and the fourth.  I am such a beginner.  I am really still on the first step.

    But as for this issue of dependence, goodness, how desperately God is trying to teach me this lesson, and how terribly I am receiving it!
    Every day, things fall apart.  I get exasperated.  I just do not have enough time in the day to do it all! And then I think, “Oh yes!   Total dependence on God!”  And I throw myself at His feet, and ask Him to solve my problem, or show me the right way.
   It is amazing how much He responds!