Bankruptcy to Billions (spiritually speaking!)

   It is astounding to me how impoverished I really am, and how, naturally speaking, I get so STUCK in bad thoughts, lies, negative emotion.  When I go with those starting points, I am quickly down the wrong path, trying to make myself feel better in unhealthy ways, and perpetuating the cycle of destruction.
    It is equally astounding to be how rich the Christian faith is.  When I 1) pray, 2) read the Bible, 3) participate in the liturgy, it is amazing how I can go from total poverty to immense wealth in an instant.
    -Forgiving those who are just plain wrong or just plain hurtful
    -Unhooking from weak and finite people/material goods and attaching to Almighty God
    -Transforming from using anger or manipulation to get what you want, and instead, achieving the highest goals through Divine power and intercessory prayer

   These are just some examples.
   This morning, I prayed, and something I had been upset about for a while just resolved in my heart. God spoke right to my heart, bringing His Word of Scripture to me and making it come alive.  I stood up to of my chair a royal child of God, stillness and calm in my spirit, knowing I had already conquered, I had already won.