A cure for Annie!

     Last night, my dear friends heard yet another comment about my debilitating fatigue resulting from Annie’s sleepless nights.  They all chimed in, “She probably has an ear infection!  Take her in!”  It never would have occurred to me, since Annie has no fever and her symptoms are explicable by her teething.  But after being up literally half the night, I called the doctor this morning and we went right in.  A sweet homeschooling teenager down the street even came over to watch the other four, so it was just me and Annie.
     The doctor could not find anything wrong: no ear infection, no fever, not even a runny nose!  She was acting all sweet and cuddly.  It was looking like a worthless trip!
     Then I suggested strep.  The doctor said that was the last resort, but that Annie’s throat was not especially red or infected by appearance.  But she did the culture anyway.
    Positive!  Annie has strep!!  I was elated.
    But I hate antibiotics: I could already envision all the sicknesses down the pike, after I decimate Annie’s immune system–just in time for cold and flu season!
   I went straight to the health food store.  Our guy there set me up with colloidal silver plus acidophilus.  He even showed me magnesium gel to put on kids’ feet before bed to help them get a good night’s rest!!

Sleep might be around the corner, for Ron, Annie and me!