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favorite moments this Christmas

1. Clare baking Leigh birthday cupcakes in Clare’s new cooking set. 2. “Silent Night” at Midnight Mass.  Cried.  So beautiful. 3. Old Maw Maw telling me that I had baked the turkey “to perfection.”  She was only being nice.  The turkey was actually a disaster–I had taken it out of the oven when the thermometer…

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up-side down thinking

     One main goal of my life is to have a peaceful, joyful home in which all the people belonging to it become their best selves (including me).  That means, in part, constantly turning conflict into something else with creative, up-side-down thinking.  Of course, that usually is applied to two little girls who want…

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happy blogging

So what is this all about anyway? It’s about me. It’s about my personal discoveries of how I do home (and how I do NOT do home, based on my mistakes!), how I do kids (and how I do NOT do kids), how I do happy marriage (and how I do NOT do marriage), and…

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